Welcome to Horsens Pentecostal Church. God loves you and want you to know His pupose for your life. Please feel welcome and discover more about the vision: “HEAVEN ON EARTH”

1. We want to welcome you to worship together with us on sunday. You are created to be a worshiper. Heaven meets Earth when we worship our Creator. we are created unique. We are a mystery that only God can enlighten and show our true purpose and potential. He has created us to have visions and dreams together with Him. His dreams can come true. We are created to worship, and if we do not worship the Creator, then we worship the created. God seeks worshipers who will worship in spirit and truth. And YOU are that worshiper God seeks

2. We want to invite you for a cop of coffee and explain the vision shortly. We want you to discover your purpose. God has has a plan for our lives and want us to seek Him to find out about it. We want you to discover your true potential and help you successfully live it.

God bless you and your journy toward glory. God is good.

Your next step could be to call us 30137674 , write a E-mail or connect via facebook.