Welcome to Horsens Pentecostal Church. When you are a Christian and have become part of God’s family, then you are also a worshiper, a disciple, and the salt & light of the world. You are chosen, You are Holy and you are loved. Your life here on earth is crucial to other people’s lives. You are here to make a difference. Make the world a better place. So follow this through carefully and grasp the vision: “HEAVEN ON EARTH”

1. You are created to be a worshiper. Heaven meets Earth when you worship your Creator. You meet him who has created you to not look like no one else here on earth. You are unique. A mystery that only he can enlighten and show your true purpose and potential. He has created you to have visions and dreams together with Him. His dreams can come true. You are created to worship, but if you do not worship the Creator, then you worship the created. God seeks worshipers who will worship in spirit and truth. And YOU are that worshiper God seeks

2. You are a follower, a disciple. We need heroes in our lives – our mother, father, legends and heroic self-sacrificing role models. However, no greater hero has walked on the earth than Jesus Christ, God’s own Son. He denied himself, undressed his deity and became a human that took up his cross dead for you and me. He atoned the sins we we should be punished for. He said and still says today: Take up your cross and Follow me. We have dedicated Monday to training and discipleship. Set that day aside in your calendar. For if everyone becomes like Jesus, it is heaven on earth. You are that disciple Jesus calls to follow him.

3. You are the salt and light of the world. You are on a mission for God. Heaven on earth does not come by itself, but must be established through you and me. The Holy Spirit is sent to us who are loyal to Jesus. You are now given the authority to shine in the darkness and the darkness MUST give in. You are given the authority to be salt in the world – messenger with good news about the kingdom of heaven. And remember: You ARE salt and light, there is no planB, SO if you do not salt and do not shine, the god of this world will trample us down. You are not in the world to be neutral. You are here to spread heaven by reconciling people with God. So You are in the ministry of reconciliation, but what does it mean? What can you do? Where can you shine? What can you change? Who can you save? This is exactly what we want to help you find out because that’s how we think we can have heaven on earth.  

Gud velsigne dig som tilbeder, discipel og verdens lys&salt 

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